CP Mono is inspired by the letter style of British car plates. The OpenType font in five weights features SmallCaps and Stylistic Alternates. Watch this animation and try it in my experimental TypeTester.
If you like the font, please contact me for a copy. Thanks for using it for your print or website. However, you are not allowed to offer it for download.

CP Mono Wood is the handmade companion to the digital version, equipped with magnetic pads to make them sticky on metallic surfaces. It’s an ongoing project and more letters will be cut as required. So far, there are sets in yellow, red, blue, white, black and “nature”.

Orangic letters are cut from fresh orange peels, then get pressed and dried. They “fall” into shape over several days, excluding the cook from this (final) stage in the design process. Bon Appétit!

Bloc is an alphabet cut from a square-shape, so it’s mono-spaced, bold and bloccesque.

Cinema Paris is a digitzed and slightly modified version of billboard letters of the Cinema Paris → in Berlin. Merci Bien! for letting me photograph the letters.

Swing is based on the logo-type of a polish railroad company. I liked the vivid letter forms and tried to preserve the inconsistent stroke weight and direction (an imaginary angle, the paintbrush was held).

Gecco comes in a more thick and a rather thin version.

Maerchen (German for fairy-tale or fable) is based on doodles with a broad pen.
After scanning the sketches, I tinkered with the shapes, becoming upper and lower case letter-look-alikes.