CP Mono is a geometrically constructed display font. It’s a monospaced design, featuring 5 weights from Extra-Light to Black. I used it in a demo animation and it can be tested in this experimental TypeTester (Flash required).
You are not allowed to offer the font for download.

CP Mono Wood is the hand crafted companion to the digital version. Equipped with magnetic pads, the letters can be attached to metallic surfaces.

The Orangic alphabet is cut out of orange peels, wich got pressed and dried. The letters found their final shape over a period of several days “by-them-self”, excluding the cook from the design process. Bon Appétit!

The design of Bloc is based on a square shape.

Cinema Paris was drawn after billboard letters of the Cinema Paris → in Berlin.
Merci bien! for the photo-session.

Swing is based on the logo-type of a polish railroad company. I liked the vivid letter forms and tried to preserve the inconsistent stroke weight and direction.

Gecco comes in a more thick and a rather thin version.

Maerchen is a mix and match of characteristic shapes of broad pen doodles.